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devised program

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us and our lives in profound ways. Right now, we need connection to others. We need creativity and expression. We need stories. And that's where Corpus comes in. 

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If you want your group, or class, or organization to create a virtual piece of devised theatre during the pandemic, we’re here to help you do that, your way. We work in close collaboration with each institution we partner with and shape our process to best serve the particular interests and needs of their students or participants. The flexibility of devised theatre makes our process highly adaptable, but our program does follow a consistent step-by step method:

The process does culminate in the creation of an original piece or production; the production is always formed around what the student/participant artists want to say, right now, to their community - whoever that means to them in their specific context.

Our program provides participants with the tools to make their own devised theatre, and seeks to ignite a passion for lifelong artistry and learning. If you would like to talk with us about making some awesome devised theatre with your high school, university, or group you can, CONTACT US here.

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